The D.A.W.E.S Method to Abundance

Since I’ve begun living and practicing the principles of abundance, I’ve discovered accidentally, or by design, that my last name is an acronym for abundance.   DAWES just happens to be the principle I live by and has been my method for living abundantly.  Abundant living is basically having your needs met, and not lacking anything for a happy and fulfilling life.   Living in abundance helped me to get out of being trapped in the financial hell of this world, and saved me from near bankruptcy.  Read my testimonial on the About US page on this website, about how I was able to wipe out over $25,000 worth of debt in two years, without a wage increase, and made expensive repairs to my home.   As a result, I’ve written two books.  The first book, Surviving a Global Economic Crisis: A Biblical Perspective, was my first book.  It contains the Biblical principles I used to get out of debt.   It’s written with the Biblical student in mind, and geared towards those seeking Biblical answers to debt.    The second book, Out of Financial Hell:  A Journey into Divine Abundance, is an expansion of the first book on debt relief, but also includes spiritual principles and universal spiritual laws of abundance, which I have discovered over the years, since I initially paid off my debts.  These spiritual principles have kept me in a place of financial stability, and have allowed me to enjoy true divine abundance – all needs met and satisfied.


The D.A.W.E.S Method

The D.A.W.E.S Method isn’t a term you will find in any of my books, but its the principle I’ve lived by to get out, and stay out of financial hell, and achieve Divine abundance.  Financial hell is a state of being trapped in debt and/or financial troubles due to the money practices of this world.   The world isn’t set up for everyone to prosper.  The world’s system is fraught with financial traps to hook the unsuspecting, and to keep you in financial bondage.  If you follow the system, you will find yourself taking one step forward and two steps backwards each time you try to move ahead.   The world’s system will have you working hard, but having very little to show for all your efforts.  The world’s system will turn you into a slave to money and possessions, with little quality time for yourself and those around you.   The financial hell of this world might have you putting money first, and people last.  It might have you neglect self-care and disregard your health, in order to gain more and more.     The D.A.W.E.S Method may be the answer you are looking for to get out and avoid the financial hell of this world, and still live a good life.  If that is what you are looking for, then this blog is the right place for you.  The meaning of the letters are as follows:

D – Debt Relief:  Get out and stay out of debt.  Find ways to reduce or eliminate your debts.  Find low-cost financing options

A – Abundance:  Having your needs met with overflow.  Needs include physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  When your life overflows, there is no lack.  Attracting an abundance of good in your life, and repelling an abundance of bad in your life.  Creating abundance from what you have.

W – Wholeness:  Finding balance and stability in one’s life through body, mind and spirit acting as a unified whole, instead of separate units in conflict with each other.  Finding inner peace and outer peace.  Your inner world manifesting as your outer world.

E – Enjoyment:   Learning how to enjoy the good things of life – the little and the big things.  Finding love and joy all around you, instead of searching for an elusive utopia, which never materializes.

S – Success:  Defined as accomplishing one’s goals, whatever those goals may be.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn about the D.A.W.E.S Method.  Please keep following this blog to learn how you can get out of financial hell and into Divine abundance by practicing debt relief, abundance, wholeness, enjoyment, and success.   If you are interested in life coaching to learn the D.A.W.E.S method, so you can improve the quality of your life, please fill out the contact form below, and submit it.  Thank you.

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