The Abundance Prayer of Prosperity

*Adapted from Psalm 23

The Good Shepherd
  1. God is my Provider, therefore I lack nothing! All my needs are met.
  2. God causes me to find contentment in His abundant creation, and gives me inner peace.
  3. My soul is refreshed, and restored from harm, by God’s Right Leading in keeping with His character.
  4. Yea, even though life is filled with dangerous and terrifying challenges, I have no fear of what life may throw at me, because God is with me. God’s Divine Guidance and Correction gives me the comfort that I’m on the right track.
  5. God blesses me with good things in spite of those who try to harm or hinder me. My blessings overflow! It’s more than enough.
  6. Surely, goodness and mercy will continue to manifest themselves in my life, and I will dwell in God’s love as His child, forever. ~ Hillary Dawes